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The executive committee

Let us introduce ourselves:
From left to right: Servaas Beunk, Annie Bodde, Lilit Gyunashyan, Gerard Bloemberg, René Beunk.

Members of the board don't receive any payment for their work and efforts. Extraordinary travelling expenses, made for the foundation, are repaid incidentally. In some cases these are refunded to the foundation as a gift.

René Beunk, Zevenaar, the Netherlands.
I am the chairman of the Alvan Tsarik Foundation.
I am the chairman of the Alvan Tsarik Foundation. My work as a volunteer in Gyumri in 1989 became very important for the rest of my life. The misery caused by the earthquake, but also the courage of the Armenians to take up the thread have impressed me. That is why I wanted to establish a foundation to help the people in Armenia.
As a teacher of German in the comprehensive school Candea College in the Netherlands, I am supported by my school, my colleagues, and my students. Read more in the Armenian newspaper Hingshapti d.d. 03-06-2005.

Gerard Bloemberg, Herwen, the Netherlands.
I am the secretary of the Alvan Tsarik Foundation.
René Beunk told me about the needs in Armenia. I wanted to help him by establishing the Alvan Tsarik Foundation. Among other things I maintain this website.

Servaas Beunk, Lobith, the Netherlands.
I am the treasurer of the Alvan Tsarik Foundation.

Annie Bodde, Duiven, the Netherlands.
I visited Armenia several times. That is why I know a lot of people personally. My attention is focused on the development of agriculture, cattle breeding and dairy.

Lilit Gyunashyan, Azatan, Armenia.
In the Alvan Tsarik Foundation my function is mainly a coordinating one.
In Armenia I maintain the contact between the foundation and its partners.
Because of my study of English language I am able to make the translations into and from Armenian.
My experience in the Armenian context makes it easier for the Dutch members to make their decisions.
I accompany the Dutch members during their visits to the authorities in Armenia.
Beside this work I am involved in the organisation in the Alvan Tsarik preschool project in Shirak and Lori Marz and I work as a didactic coordinator for two of the nine preschools.
In the technasium project with the Technical University of Gyumri and the Shirak Marz Regional Library I am the representative of the foundation.
Last but not least I am the English teacher in the Annie Bodde project.