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The Alvan Tsarik Foundation supports the efforts to rise the prosperity of the people in Armenia. The foundation co-operates with people in the country to realise projects in the field of education, culture and economy. The projects accomodate with supplies which have a direct influence on the daily life.

Actually this means e.g. working on introducing the pre-school concept like we know in the Netherlands. Or a period of training for young adults, working in agriculture, to teach them how to deal with new technologies and products. Or a "technasium" project at the Polytechnical University in Gyumri, where other and new kinds of educational philosophies are the central points. We provide the library in Gyumri with furniture and books, written in English, French and German.

The Alvan Tsarik Foundation works directly, small-scale and with respect for the identity of the Armenian people. The organization is simple and run by volunteers merely. Money and goods are given to matters that Armenians really benefit from. To guarantee this there is direct contact with Armenians and Dutch on the spot.

Your support by giving goods and money is the only way The Alvan Tsarik Foundation can exist.

Alvan Tsarik Foundation

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Bank: "NL66 RABO 0113 8511 62"