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Our partners in Armenia

The Shirak Marz Regional Library in Gyumri
Contact person: Gevorg Amiryan

This library is our first partner in Armenia. It provides the city Gyumri and the smaller libraries with books.
Since 2005, Alvan Tsarik has shipped about 16.000 English, French, German and a few Dutch books to the library. Beside that, the library received furniture, a copy machine and several computers from us. There also runs a grant project in the library.

Crossing Roads in Vanadzor
Contact persons: Kamo Yeganyan, Mher Davoyan and Karine Ghazaryan

Through the Armenian Caritas, we came in contact with Crossing Roads in Vanadzor. This NGO occupies itself with development of villages, youth work and pre-education. In their building, a preschool, which works with Dutch ideas about preschool education, is settled . They also monitor our preschool projects in Debed and Qarintsj.
We plan to, in cooperation with ACC, Azatan and Crossing Roads, run the Annie Bodde project.

Our first attempts to introduce green tourism in Armenia with small groups and a balanced program was in cooperation with Crossing Roads. In the future, we hope, together with Crossing Roads, to start this project again.

Our preschools
Contact person: Lusine Voskanyan

This is about the old “mangapartes”, the nursery from the soviet period. Until children were 7 years old and they went to school, they were kept busy by nursery school teachers. Our preschools are part of this idea. The children attend a school program which is similar to the program in the Dutch 1st and 2nd class.
With the selection of the schools, in each case we stated that the teachers of the lower classes attended our trainings so the change form “our” preschools to the primary school remains supple for the children with the preschool education. This will be the biggest challenge for us in coming years. In exchange for taking part in the project, Alvan Tsarik helped the schools by sending, among other things, furniture and blackboards to them.
The year behind the name of the preschool indicates the first year the school took part in the preschool project. Lusine Voskanyan is our coordinator, monitor and specialist for all schools. She visits the schools regularly and organizes a meeting every last Friday of the month. At this meeting, all good and bad sides of the program in each school are openly discussed.

Haykavan (Shirak) 2011

In Haykavan, the old preschool is tremendously restored by the council. Now, there are spacious classrooms with a beautiful wooden floor. In the school year 2012-2013, there are 25 children who take part in our preschool project. The preschool program is run by two young and permanent companions and sometimes also by an assistant. The contact with a primary school nearby is very intensive. The contact is mostly about the transition of children from a preschool to a regular primary school. In winter the situation is difficult because there is no mains water nor electricity (e.g. for heating). With lots of goodwill from many people the preschool can find accomodation in the school during the cold months.

Voskehask (Shirak) 2011

In Voskehask, our preschool is in the same building as the primary school. The primary school provides the preschool enough heating and power. The preschool is situated in one classroom big enough for about 20 children. There are three nursery teachers, one woman is older and more experienced than the two younger companions. If the major can realise his plans, there will be a beautiful new “mangapartes” opened. The contact with the teachers of the school still needs a lot of attention and steering from our side.

Amasya (Shirak) 2011

In summer, this preschool is located in the building from NGO for development of the village. Because the preschool needs better heating and power in winter, it is located in the beautiful building of the “mangapartes” in that time. We have two nursery teachers at this preschool. The contact with the primary school is good.

Vanadzor (Lori) 2011

This preschool is located in the building of one of our partners, NGO Crossing Roads. It has the disposal of a relatively small room where a lot of children must be accommodated. Alvan Tsarik has supported the NGO by building a good toilet specially for the preschool. This group is managed by one nursery teacher. The children go to different primary schools, and therefore we don’t have a good eye for the progress after the “mangapartes”.

Debed (Lori) 2011

In this village, the preschool is located in a building which also does service as the community centre. The preschool has the disposition of one room and is managed by one nursery teacher. She is married with a teacher from the primary school that is very involved with the work of his wife. In spite of the difficult circumstances in this village in the mountains, we have the idea that the preschool program is working well.

Qarintsj (Lori) 2011

In the local government offices of this village, the preschool is located in two rooms that are used by the “mangapartes”. The preschool is managed by two nursery teachers. We can not sufficiently monitor the contact with the primary school.

Qeti (Shirak) 2012

This is about a small group in a separate “mangapartes”. This group of 20 children is managed by one nursery teacher.

Azatan (Shirak) 2012

In a small classroom in the primary school, one nursery teacher is trying to manage our preschool program for a group of 40 children. She is very enthusiastic, but we think it’s quite difficult! In Azatan the construction of a new "mangapartes" building almost has finished. We intend to implement our program there completely as soon as the children can use the larger rooms in the new building.

Nahapetavan (Shirak)

In a small village near Artik, two nursery teachers are going to take part in our preschool project with a group of 25 children. The preschool received school furniture from Alvan Tsarik. Both nursery school teachers do marvellously and have a good deal to say in the monthly meetings. The village community invested in the furniture of the schoolrooms very well. We are looking for sponsors to be able to furnish a room for the children of the preschool to sleep.

Artik Special School
Contact person: Andranik Chknavoryan

This school educates children with learning arrears from Artik and the villages around. Especially in winter transport is very difficult and expensive; that's why the children often stay at school permanently. In the past we donated a mobile milking machine and school furniture. Now we try to share logopaedic knowledge with the two speech therapists of this school.

Azatan School
Contact person: Hamlet Voskanyan

Azatan School is a large school with 1000 pupils at the age between 6 and 15. The school received blackboards and some cupboards from our foundation.