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The "Annie Bodde" project
(agricultural education)

It is an old wish from our very own woman farmer in the foundation: a real project in farming.
Annie Bodde always said that we, beside all sorts of beautiful projects like the library and the pre-schools, also need to think about the most important mean of existence in Armenia: farming.
In Armenia, the technical conditions in farming is not comparable with the Dutch conditions.
For the time being, it is out of the question that the Dutch farming technologies can be used in Armenia.
To us, it is more realistic to think about the Dutch technologies in the ’80 and ’90.
When these machines are used in Armenia, there will be a need for maintenance.
We will provide this through an education for engineers, so they can learn about the machines and know how to take care of them.

Therefore, we want to start, in cooperation with our partners Azatan Community Development Center and Crossing Roads in Vanadzor, a new project before the end of 2012. The major of Haykavan would like to be involved in this project too.
In Azatan and Vanadzor, we educate 16 young fathers and mothers in a special education program aimed at technical farming knowledge. We want to invite the best four students to do a work placement practice in the Netherlands. After they get back to Armenia, they stay active for farming projects which are related to Alvan Tsarik. But beside that, they can start to work as self-employed farming specialists.

In the winters of 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, we offer them a course with a lot of elements:
  • Common knowledge of farming
  • Technical theoretic knowledge of farming machines
  • Technical working knowledge of farming machines
  • English at a A2 level for listening and speaking skills
  • Work experience in working in the field
  • The use of internet in an education environment
  • The development of materials in a Technasium project
The students’ skills will be tested substantially, so they can work very well during their work placement practice in the Netherlands and when they are back in Armenia.