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Azatan Community Center (ACC)

Azatan is a village of about 2000 inhabitants and it is located at a 15 kilometresí distance from the city of Gyumri in the northwest of Armenia. It is mainly dependent on arable farming and especially potato culture, because it is situated on fertile ground.

There are some rich farmers in the village, but most of the inhabitants are rather poor. They produce their own vegetables because they donít have consumer markets and modern agricultural methods. The abolition of the collective model from the Soviet period didnít lead to a real improvement of the living conditions. The big earthquake in 1988 changed the weak infrastructure completely. 

The ACC was founded in 2001 and aims at bringing the complete village of Azatan on a higher level as far as economy, education, culture and social matters are concerned. People work with volunteers who support initiatives in the village or who initialize projects themselves. They are housed in an old school building, where there is not any interior anymore. In this building people have given computer courses for the young, especially during the winter months when travelling to the city is hard because of the weather conditions.

The ACC has ideas to set up courses for adults about arable farming and especially product diversification. An other objective is founding a playground for toddlers according to a Dutch example, which can be a model for other authorities in Armenia.

The ACC enjoys the increasing confidence of the inhabitants, and gets a lot of support from volunteers. By giving the ACC the necessary material from the Netherlands, we can make them do their work better.

Hovhannes Papoyan, Azatan, Armenia.
Hovhannes Papoyan is a coordinator of the Azatan Community Center, certificated mechanical engineer. He followed a lot of courses in mechanical engineering and management of foundations. Hovhannes Papoyan is contact person for the village development project of the Alvan Tsarik foundation in Azatan.

In the picture on the left we see the Sunday school in the centre of the village.
Kids are working in a room with a stove as its central heating point. The heating is made possible with the money the foundation has received from donations. The books and the computers were also made available by sponsors.

Dear Mr. Renť Beunk,

Thank you very much for the thoughfulness and care for our Community Center. You have really done much for our organization at its start point. Not only you helped us with your support but you have given us good effective consultancy and moral assistance that encourage us for the better organization and functioning in future.
We certainly appreciate the time you spend for us and would be happy to have further tighter collaborative ties that can be useful for both sides.
Hovhannes Papoyan

A gift from the parish "Herwen en Aerdt" made it possible for the village community of Azatan to make the christening ceremony in 2005 into a special event.

In 2006 Ruud Pragt took leave of his parishioners.
In stead of a present he appreciated gifts for projects in Azatan.

De regional newspaper "Liemers Lantaren" wrote about it.
Liemers Lantaren 18-01-2006

In 2006 the Azatan Community Center obtained a tractor with its four tools: plough, hoeing, sowing and reaping tools. These tools almost satisfy for the cultivation of grain and partially for potato.
Alvan Tsarik Foundation helped with a partial loan.