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Alvan Tsarik Boulevard


In Yerevan orphans and children from the street find in the orphanage Zatik a home and more. Over 150 children, aged 4 to 18, live and are educated here. For example on the farm that Zatik owns, where the pupils are taught by a volunteer of the agricultural college.
The Alvan Tsarik Foundation supports initiatives to educate and edify the teenagers of the orphanage and others about farming, husbandry and cattle breeding. This will enable them to assure their future.

Other ideas are hairdresser's saloon (Alvan Tsarik got the furniture of a hairdresser's saloon in the Netherlands), a cheese shop, a buther's shop and a shoemaker's shop.


At Zatik everything goes OK. Edita, one of the girls, busy each day by cutting hair in Zatik as well as their neighbors (see attached files).
I don’t have enough courage to allow her cut my hair but time will come and I will see she is professional hairdresser and than we will see!
Last Friday Liana (one of our girls from Manushk group, who recently got marred) visited us with her husband Artur and she said that she is pregnant. It means that in near future she will be busy with child.

(written by Naira Margaryan, staff member of Orphanage Zatik)