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Computer project

In 2005 and early 2006 some big organizations offered many computers and accessories to the Alvan Tsarik Foundation for the benefit of small scale aid projects in Armenia.
In the first months of 2006 our contact persons in Gyumri made an inventory among schools, cultural and social institutions in the Shirak Marz region to find out whether they were in need of computers and which of these institutions were able to contribute to import duties and the costs of transport from The Netherlands to Armenia.
The reason why we asked a financial contribution is twofold. In our view working for the foundation implies cooperation on an equal basis. Moreover, we feel that if the Armenian organisations provide a reasonable financial compensation, the goods will be really necessary and will be used well. The response to the appeal was great. The total amount of organizations that reacted was 22 and they were all able to contribute financially.

On 12 July 2006 a meeting was organized in the library of Gyumri to sign the contracts and to pay the contribution to the costs of transport.

In September 2006 Alvan Tsarik packed up more than 80 computers, screens and similar items. Tiemex Logistics in Zevenaar took the cargo free of charge to Helmond, where the computers were transhipped into one of Coppens B.V’s containers. Our partner Korion Hovakimian of the Agro Project Center Holland-Armenia warranted the larger part transport costs to Armenia.

Underneath you will find the list of participants in the computer project.
Clicking on the name, and you will see the photograph.

Shirak Marz Cultural department – Hasmik Kirakosyan
Gyumri, State Dramatic Theatre of Gyumri after V.Achemyan – Edvard Poghosyan
Gyumri, Symphonic Orchestra of Gyumri - Tomik Sargsyan
Gyumri, Musical Instruments’ Folk Orchestra – Mourad Malkhasyan
Gyumri, “XXI Century Employment” NGO – Svetlana Aleksanyan
Azatan village Secondary school - director Vidalik Varzhapetyan and Hovhannes Papoyan
“Arajentats” NGO, Vanadzor – Kamo Eganyan
“Crossing Roads” NGO, Vanadzor - Kamo Eganyan, Narine Ghazaryan
Gyumri, Center of Community Initiatives and Advocacy - Mazrpetuni Zadoyan
Maralik City Library – Amalya Mkrtchyan
Gyumri, “House of plentitude” NGO - Gurgen Tarakhchyan
Gyumri, The branch of Art Academy of Yerevan in Gyumri - Hambartsum Ghukasyan
Azatan village farmer - Edvard Haroutyunyan
Regional Cultural center of Akhourian – Rouzanna Igityan
Centran Library of Artik – Olga Nahapetyan
Ashotsk regional Library – Astghik Poghosyan
Gyumri, “Armenian Caritas” BNGO – Gagik Tarasyan
Gyumri, “Bardzraberd” Comdominium Association – Gayane Sahakyan
Spitak Nar (no photo)
#10 school in Gyumri (no photo)
ACC, Azatan (no photo)
Alvan Tsarik CDF Gyumri (no photo)