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Sports hall Gyumri

Gyumri, in the northwest of Armenia, is the second important town of Armenia, in size comparable to a city like Arnhem in the Netherlands. Gyumri fulfils a regional function of providing shopping facilities, government services, education, as well as sports accommodations.

The earthquake that hit the north of Armenia in 1988, has left its tracks behind in Gyumri. The city was heavily damaged and thousands of people died or became invalids.

Armenia but also foreign countries have done much reconstruction work in the past few years. Although there is still a lot of work to do many houses, public buildings and schools have been reconstructed or rebuilt so far.

For instance, a sports hall at a comprehensive school has been built with French help.
The picture below shows the sportshall.

The Armenian government does not have the money for the equipment of this sportshall. Since the beginning of our project 'equipment sportshall' we have received a lot of sports goods from schools and persons.


We notice that from sportsmanlike Holland there are many positive reactions to our project. That is why we want to continue collecting sports goods and other sports material, not only for the sportshall mentioned above, but also for other sports accommodations in Gyumri and its surroundings. In those places as well there is a considerable lack of safe materials, from shirt ribbons to goalpost, from basketball to trampoline.
Supervisor: Lilit Gasparyan, Gyumri, Armenia
Lilit Gasparyan, who is a member of the board of the Alvan Ttsarik Foundation, is in contact with the sports hall in Gyumri and knows what the need is of material for other sports accommodations. In Armenia she supervises and checks the arrival and the delivery of the sports material.