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Zatik Orphanage

In Yerevan orphans and children from the street find in the orphanage Zatik (which means both Ladybird and Future) a home and more. Over 150 children, aged 4 to 18, live and are educated here. For example on the farm that Zatik owns, where the pupils are taught by a volunteer of the agricultural college. Water is a problem for the Zatik authorities. This concerns affordable drinking-water for the home, as well as sufficient water to irrigate the fields surrounding the farm. The Alvan Tsarik Foundation supports the orphanage financially. Besides that the foundation takes care of clothing and the materials needed to construct a private water purification plant and two water-springs. The Alvan Tsarik Foundation supports initiatives to educate and edify the teenagers about farming, husbandry and cattle breeding. This will enable them to assure their future.

Ashot Mnatsakayan, Yerevan, Armenia.
Ashot Mnatsakayan is director of House Zatik. He maintains many contacts with organisations and individuals in America and Europe who support his work. Ashot Mnatsakayan is contactperson of the Alvan Tsarik Foundation in Yerevan.


The following pictures show the farm Arzni, about 15 km distance from Yerevan, where children of Zatik Orphanage learn how to produce their own food and to make a living in the future.