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Shipping of goods

Throughout the year Alvan Tsarik Foundation gets many goods from people and companies.
A lot of clothes, toys and furniture is offered for the orphanage Zatik in Yerevan. Furniture, computers and other materials were given for ACC Azatan. Books were offered for Gyumri.

The clothes were sorted and packed by teenagers who liked to help the foundation and the people in Armenia.

Pupils of Candea College in Duiven classifed and packed the books. The clothes, books, computers, furniture and other things were stored by companies.

Volunteers loaded the goods in a big container. This container will be transported to the harbour of Rotterdam, shipped to Georgia and transported by truck to Yerevan. In Yerevan our contactmen of Gyumri, Azatan and Yerevan will conceive the goods and will take care of the transport to the three destinations.